Dress Rosy Floral
Dress Rosy Floral

Jamie Kay

Dress Rosy Floral

$39.00 USD $23.00

Sorry, this product is not currently available.


100% Woven Chambric Cotton

We source only the finest quality cotton to ensure we are providing your child with nothing but the best - no nasties!

Waist relaxed: 6/12m 20cm, 1y 21cm, 2y 22cm, 3y 23cm, 4y 24cm, 5y 25cm, 6y 26cm, 7y 27cm
Top length: 6/12m 11cm, 1y 12cm, 2y 13.5cm, 3y 15cm, 4y 16.5cm, 5y 18cm, 6y 19cm, 7y 20cm
Skirt length: 6/12m 25cm, 1y 27cm, 2y 29cm, 3y 31cm, 4y 33cm, 5y 35cm, 6y 37cm, 7y 39cm

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