Fling Charcoal Silver // Grey Gradient Von Zipper - Jean Jail

Von Zipper

Fling Charcoal Silver // Grey Gradient

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These playful, round frames are the perfect statement piece with a hint of glamour. We know you will love the Fling sunglasses by Von Zipper. 

Von Zipper is a brand devoted to freedom, fun, and style. Created by a band of friends in a Californian wharehouse, their 'do it yourself' attitude is a reflection of the brands laid back lifestyle. This unique eyewear brand is made with the highest quality materials and all sunglasses are 100% UV protection from the sun.

Von Zipper is all about lifestyle and personality. The brands alternative mindset creates sunglasses that reflects rebellion, innovative designs, and next-level style. Surf, sun and style is what Von Zipper are all about, and this bunch of dudes are bringing you the coolest sunnies of the block.