# 96 - Summer outfit goals

# 96 - Summer outfit goals

We love a dress that you can wear multiple ways! The 'Supple Washed Dress Khaki' is paired back with the 'Logo Cotton Crew Tee White' + 'Plunder Bag Black Bubble' + '2730 Naplngcotu White' + 'Jess Sleepers Gold' + 'Binnie Sunglasses Black'

Shop this whole look below!


2730 Naplngcotu White

USD $119.00

Sold out

Blingstar CCC

Binnie Sunglasses // Black

USD $28.00

Jolie & Deen

Jess Sleepers Gold

USD $28.00


Assembly Label

Logo Cotton Crew Tee White

$40.00 $32.00

Status Anxiety

Plunder Bag Black

USD $135.00

Sold out

All About Eve

Supple Washed Dress Khaki

USD $64.00