5 women that we're crushing on at the moment! 💞

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Don't we all just love and adore the Duchess of Sussex?!


With her stunning and classy style, her gorgeous husband and son, foundations and charities that she works with, how could you not love her!


Hands up if you've been a fan since her Rachel Zane days?! Us too 🥰


Meghan has taken to her new role as Duchess so effortlessly, reminding the world of the late Princess Diana.


We love her class, the way she carries herself and her use of celebrity for advocacy and charity.


Meghan has been a philanthropist long before her days in the Royal Family.


The Duchess has worked closely with many charities and causes such as being a Young World Counsellor,


a global ambassador for World Vision, supporting the Myna Mahlia Foundation,


an advocate for the United Nations and even standing up for gender equality back when she was only 7 years old.








Hellooooo girl crush!!! 🔥 We have a major crush on absolute girl boss and mega babe Elyse Knowles!


Elyse has been on the rise in the Aus Influencer scene for years now and she's still a fave


due to her ongoing positive vibes and influence she portrays, her passion for the environment,


her real life chats with girls about their skin, hormones and spreading positive messages.


Elyse released her first book, 'From Me to You' back in 2018 which topped all of the charts and best seller lists!


Her book is a reflection of what we get to see online, her infectious energy, boundless work ethic, bubbly personality and personal style.


Elyse is also no stranger to working closely with charities; after travelling to India to support Water Aid and numerously participating in World Clean Up Day.







Two more of our fave gals would have to be power duo Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw!


With their killer IG profiles full of positive messages for their followers, workout inspo,


popular workout and food business, Keep It Cleaner and so much more, these girls are the perfect modern day role models!


We're also looking forward to their upcoming weddings, hellllllo bride spam!







Who isn't crushing on Kim K right now?! We're doing out best to keep up with this mega mum, boss, style, babe!


Whether you love her or hate her, you can't deny her incredible work ethic and savvy business mind.


On top of being a mum to her 4 gorgeous kids, starring in her own hit show KUWTK, working with numerous charities and causes,


running multiple businesses... you can now add student to the list!


Yep, that's right, Kimmy K is heading to the bar, a soon to be lawyer.


Kim took a further interest in the legal system after working closely on the case to free and grant clemency to Alice Johnson,


a convicted drug trafficker that was sentenced to life in prison. Kim worked with lawyers,


the white house and president Trump on Alices bid to be granted clemency.


Kim is passionate about helping assist with prison reform in the American system to improve


conditions inside prisons and implement alternatives to incarceration.






Carrie has been a huge inspiration to the entire country for many reasons.


Being a total boss babe on tv show The Project for many years, her work on radio and in


the past few years her huge charity work for her own foundation, Beanies For Brain Cancer.


Carrie's foundation was founded after her late husband lost his battle to brain cancer in 2007.