BTS of our brand new Jean Jail Collection!

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Here at Jean Jail we are so excited to finally announce and share something we've been working on for months and months....


Our 'Jean Jail Collection - designed to inspire and empower.' Our Jean Jail girl loves to look and feel great not only throughout summer, but all year round,


so we've created the perfect denim short and two basic tee styles, PLUS a stylish pair of sunglasses that everyone needs in their wardrobe for summer.


We worked hard for months to create the perfect style, colour, design and fit and we are so excited for you all to wear your pieces all summer long!


Check out our styling tips, BTS of our design process and a sneaky look at the ways you can customise your denim to suit your own style.








Our entire collection was designed to make girls feel and look great, comfortable in their own skin and empowered to take on anything.


We are all about dressing to feel comfortable within your own personal style and feeling inspired.


The whole Jean Jail Collection was designed to be matched back with each other and everything that you already have in your wardrobe,


adding to your style is all about adding the right key staple pieces to your wardrobe and each JJ style is the perfect fit!








We know that fashion is all about mixing things up and having your own personal style, that's why our


'JJ Viper Short' was designed to be customised to your vibe!


Whether you want to add rips, tears, slash and trash them to get that worn vintage look or change the cuff length, it's all up to you! Go for it girl.


But just in case you're a little scared to go hammer and tong with the scissors, we've got your back!






Give your denim a good scrunch up to make them less stiff and give them that lived in, vintage look.


And remember that you can be rough with your denim to make them feel worn - don't hold back; customise them as much or less as you want.


Next up it's time to give those shorts some extra frays and rips.



Get your quick unpick and pick at the hemline... Go as hard as you like. An easy way to add frays is to pick out little threads along the hem.


Then pull them out and pick at them. It's best to be rough and random, that way your denim will look vintage.


(Also remember that your frays will look great after washing them)



Then add little snips along the bottom of the hem and along the rip with your scissors and pick at the fray with your quick unpick.


Then smash your denim against a table to rough up the frays and rips!






Whilst creating the concept for the Jean Jail Collection, we made a mood board of which styles, designs,


colours and fits we wanted in our collection. Then we got sketching and designing (the fun and exciting part).


Once we played around with lots of sketches, we then designed each style on the computer to get ready to send off to our manufacturers.


Another part of the design process was creating each pattern and print; the leopard print was


drawn and designed by hand on the computer which was then created into artwork to be printed onto each tee.








We created and designed a few options for our swing tags, sizing and side tags plus the leather patch on the back of the shorts.
We tried and tested a few options before final production was approved. The entire collection was designed with the JJ girl in mind; focusing on style,
quality and a little flare. We used our signature pink through the collection but also added our
own leopard design, as we wanted to add a minimal and stylish touch!







The fit of each product was really important to us, so we tried each piece on a few different


people plus our fit model, where we double checked each measurement to make sure the fit was perfect.


We hope you love each piece in our Summer Jean Jail Collection as much as we do!


Each piece matches back with everything in your wardrobe and was designed to make you feel stylish and empowered all Summer long!


Make sure to tag us on instagram @jeanjail to show us how you style your #jjcollection!




PLUS check out our IGTV below for a further BTS peek!