Gooey Mars Bar Roll

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Mmm, MARS BARS never looked so good! 🤤

We saw it, loved it, bought it!

The latest KMART cooking gadget that's taken Australia by storm! The bargain $29.00 Sausage Roll Maker had us intrigued.. and when we saw the latest trending recipe using the cooking appliance... WE HAD TO GET OUR HANDS ON IT!

So, we did what everyone is this COVID crisis is doing, we ordered it online... ( well we ordered two 😂) and decided to test out the two ingredient  'Mars Bar Roll'.

Follow our steps below to see the end result!


First of all, you will need the Sausage Roll maker! Add these TWO VERY 'essential' ingredients to your shopping list!

1x Packet of Puff Pastry

4x Full Size Mars Bars


Cut the Puff Pastry sheets in half and place one half of the sheet into the Sausage Roll Maker and then you can place the individual mars bars into their slots. Once you have done this you can then place the second half on the top. Close & lock the sausage roll maker.


Allow the sausage rolls to cook for 10 minutes or until they are golden brown! Safely remove your Gooey Mars Bar rolls onto a chopping board.


Cut the rolls into individual pieces and serve with your favourite toppings! We couldn't go past Vanilla Ice-cream, Chopped Mars Bars & Icing Sugar.


The end result was literally MOUTH-WATERING and left everyone at Jean Jail HQ wanting more!

Move over Mars Bar milkshakes, Gooey Mars Bar Rolls are here to stay!

This recipe was a 10/10! To watch how we made this delicious treat - head to our Instagram @jeanjail and look at our 'Gooey Mars Bar' Highlight tile!