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Q. 1


Jean Jail: Tell us something that people may not know about you...


Kayla: I'm super super ticklish.


Q. 2


Jean Jail: How would you describe your personal style?


Kayla: I'm all about comfort! I love anything flowy and especially white.


Q. 3


Jean Jail: Who is your biggest inspiration?


Kayla: My role models have always been my family, especially my mum.


Q. 4


Jean Jail: What is your favourite quote to live by?


Kayla: Women have cellulite and stretch marks. They are part of our beauty. We have cells that store, so that we can nourish. We have stretch marks to remind us of how much we've grown. These are not blemishes. They are maps that we each carry to show how much we can be stretched but never broken ~ no.9 @notestomyfuturedaughter


Q. 5


Jean Jail: Where is your favourite place to travel?


Kayla: I've still got heaps of travelling to do but I love going to Melbourne and I looooved the Philippines.


Q. 6


Jean Jail: What is your favourite vintage find?


Kayla: Definitely my big straw hat or my guess denim jacket.


Q. 7


Jean Jail: What inspired you to start your own business, Thrifty Threadz?


Kayla: The love for thrifting and fashion! I always got asked where I got my clothes from and my answer was always from an op shop so I decided to start selling some of my op shop finds and it grew from there.


Q. 8


Jean Jail: What are your goals for 2019:


Kayla: I would love to be able to buy my own abode where my creativity can flourish. My dream is to renovate an old home.


Q. 9


Jean Jail: What is a typical day like in your life?


Kayla: I usually wake up at 5:30 to go to F45. I then come home and get ready to go into the warehouse to package orders and anything important. I then leave work to create some content for brands and get back to emails at home. I usually try and have some down time in the afternoon as I then work all night on my phone. I then go to bed around 10:30pm.


Q. 10


Jean Jail: When are you the happiest version of yourself?


Kayla: Definitely when I'm phone free with my family either on a holiday or at the beach. Jut talking and eating good food.



You can check out Kayla's gorgeous style and follow along her vintage finds at @kaylaaaelliee.




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