The Ultimate Denim Guide

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The Ultimate Denim Guide


A denim jean would have to be one of the biggest wardrobe staple pieces.Transeasonal and easily worn from day to night! However, it can be daunting shopping for denim online, and for some of us during Covid times, buying jeans online is our only option or the only way to get what we want. So we bring to you, the ULTIMATE denim guide!! Everything you need to know about denim to make purchasing the perfect pair of jeans so much easier. 


The first thing you will need to choose is the rise of a jean - high, mid or low. On average a low waisted jean sits around 5cm under the navel, whereas a mid waist usually sits just under or touching the navel and a high waisted jean sits roughly on or above the navel. This all depends of course on the individual body shape and length.


The most common question we get about denim is regarding the fabric and stretch. Believe it or not, this is actually really easy to figure out! The best way to see if a jean will be rigid or stretchy is to look at the fabric it is made of. On our website you can find this info in our description - as seen above!


 100% Cotton denim will usually have no stretch. These jeans will be a rigid fit and give you an amazing shape and holds you in making them super flattering.


If you're after a jean with more stretch, look for denim with elastane, polyester, viscose or spandex. The less cotton in a jean, means more stretch. For example, 1% elastane in denim will give you just the right amount of stretch to give you some flexibility. 2% elastane will be very stretchy (perfect to sit for long periods and walk in).


You may notice that labels all use different size options. One of our most frequently asked questions is with jeans that are sized in inches (eg. size 26) Don't despair! We have the perfect trick to help figure this out! Simply add the first number with the second number to find the ‘AUS size’. For example - size 26 (2+6=8) means 26 is an AUS 8. This only works up to a size 10 but you can work it out from there upwards. The table above will be your best friend when trying to convert jean sizes!!



 Now let’s talk about the different jean fits… The most popular fits are skinny, slim, straight, flare and mom fit. We know it can be confusing to find a certain style so we have made your shopping experience much easier by adding a filter section. Here you can select the style of jean you are looking for (see the image above). 


Skinny jeans are one of the most popular styles, perfect for everyday wear. They have a skinny/tapered fit through the thigh, knee & ankle, usually with stretch. Some of our favourite skinny jeans are ‘Hi Rider Jean Astral’, ‘Swizzle Sticks Jean Bright Waters Trash’ and ‘High Licks Black Gold’. 


Slim fit jeans are the perfect mix between a skinny jean and straight jean. They’re a great stepping stone for someone wanting to try a looser fit jean but are used to a skinny fit. A slim jean is usually slim through the thighs with a relaxed fit from the knees down to the hem. Our best selling slim jeans are the ‘A 94 High Slim Jean Walk Away’, ‘Hi Mom Jean Baxter Black’ and ‘A 94 High Slim Jean Daisy Blue’. 


Straight leg jeans are so on trend right now, we see so many celebs opting for this style of denim with an oversized tee or crew! A straight leg jean is usually the same fit from the thighs to bottom hem, unless they are tapered (come in at the ankle). We are currently loving these straight legs jeans - ‘A 94 High Straight Jean Gina Rip’, ‘A 94 High Straight Jean Terri’ and ‘Drew Jean Blue Chain’. 


 The Flared fit is a super flattering style and with some of the most influential people wearing them this season it’s the perfect time to get yourself a pair. Bringing back all those vintage vibes these jeans are usually fitted at the top of the leg and widening out at the knee. 


A mom fit jean is always a good option! This style of jean is relaxed up the top around the thighs with a tapered fit from the knees downwards for extra comfort. We love to pair a cute crop with this type of jean for a night out. Our favorite styles are ‘High Mom Jean Oxy Destruct’, ‘High Baggy Jean Exalt Black’ and ‘A 94 High & Wide Jean Bae Town’.


Here at Jean Jail we love denim, so we hope this guide has helped you to purchase your perfect jean! If you have any other denim related questions, don’t hesitate to email us on or live chat us on our website xx