Trending: The White Dress

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Okay can we talk about how it's nearly Summer?


That means it's nearly Christmas and we are sitting here wondering where the year has gone?


(I know, I know, we all say that every year, but this year has flown by like no other.)


That means it's time to shove those spring layers to the back of your wardrobe and make room for all the flowy dresses and skirts.


And when it comes to summer dresses, look no further than a crisp white style. You can never have too many white dresses, right?


Don't worry, Jean Jail has you covered when it comes to white dresses! We love a casual white dress throughout summer because they're so versatile.


Going to the beach? A picnic? A summer BBQ? Brunch with the girls? A white dress is perfect for every occasion.


Check out some of our fave white dresses that are new to Jean Jail and how to style them!