What your star sign says about your STYLE... ♑︎♒︎♉︎

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What does your star sign say about you? We may not be able to tell you what's in store for your career or your love life, but don't worry girl,


we've got your back when it comes to fashion and style! Let's see what your star sign says about your STYLE...





Capricorns are Sophisticated and love a simple outfit, but comfort is also key! They love to stock up on basics and key pieces they can wear over and over


whilst keeping a feminine edge to their looks! Think gorgeous blouses and shirting with a little twist, we are loving this stunning Iris Blouse from Steele paired back with


a classic pair of blue jeans, with some edgy rips, in true Capricorn style!





An Aquarius is original and independent and loves to have fun with their style, take risks and take a walk on the wild side. Loves to be creative and unique with their


wardrobe choices; think bold prints and fun colours, keeping in line with the current trends and a style that reflects their own personality. We have paired this vibrant


yellow skirt from C/MEO back with an edgy tee, we are loving this new white tee style from Ena Pelly! Rock your true Aquarius style and stay true to your bold personality.





A Pisces is a free spirit at heart and loves to add a whimsical flair to their life and wardrobe. Not only do people gravitate towards your good natured humour


and your loving personality, they love your easy, breezy style too. You love to go with the flow in comfortable styles that you love but also try out the latest trending


patterns and desgins. We are loving this midi / boho style dressed paired back with our new North Boot in White.





As an Aries, you're the chameleon of the fashion world! You are confident, yet determined and love a challenge when it comes to anything, including fashion. You love


classic items and styles that you can have in your wardrobe for years to come, but can easily wear and transition your pieces into street-style cool. There's nothing more


classic than a black leather jacket and if you're after a classic style with silver hardware, look no further than this style from Ena Pelly paired back with a classic


pair of denim cut off shorts.



APRIL 21 - MAY 20


A Taurus is fashion forward and loves to style trendy pieces back with classics they already have in their wardrobe. You're a fan of form and function,


whilst not being afraid to make a statement when you have a fun occasion, like a wedding or event. Pair your staple pair of jeans back with a basic tee like the Logo Tee


from Assembly Label, then accessorise with jewellery and bags.



MAY 21 - JUNE 20


A Gemini is gently and affectionate and has the ability to quickly learn and adapt to change. When it comes to style you love to take risks with streamlined and


on-trend, modern pieces but also love to switch it up with new updates to your wardrobe. We love this little pink number from By Johnny - The Shell Mini Dress looks


so chic paired back with some simple heels like this white pair from Alias Mae.



JUNE 21 - JULY 22


A Cancer is sophisticated and classy, with an eye for clean lines and timeless, classic styles - you can always rely on a Cancer to have style and be one of the best dressed


in the room, you love a chance and opportunity to get dressed up! But when it comes to style, you love feminine and elegant pieces and always having lots of timeless


classic pieces in your wardrobe. We are loving neutral and natural pieces this season and adore this Lilly Top White, styled here with the Faye Short in Beige.





A Leo is creative, passionate, generous and cheerful. When it comes to fashion and style, they love to let their creativity shine and take risks with colour, but also adore


classic and comfy pieces that they can re-wear over and over. Leo's are unafraid to try anything, and especially love trying new brands and colours. They trust their own


instinct and have a strong sense of their own style. You can't go past a classic crew, like this style from Assembly Label (Logo Fleece Dusk)


paired back with some good old blue, skinny jeans.





A Virgo has a deep love for classic styles and always tends to gravitate towards tailored silhouettes and designs. You love function when it comes to deciding


on what to purchase and love to wear things over and over new and fun ways. This new black style from Sundays is the perfect LBD to add to your collection - we have


paired it back a classic black heel and one of our fave bags from Naked Vice, The 1995 Nappa in Gold.





A Libra loves to live life on the edge and it's no different when it comes to adding a little flair to each outfit. Plain colours and neutral styles are staples


in your wardrobe and you love to wear timeless designs with a modern twist. How cute does this La Rose Asymmetrical Skirt look paired back with this white tee from


The Fifth Label that has a cute pink feature, true to Libra style.





A Scorpio is a creature of habit when it comes to dressing and shopping for wardrobe updates, but also has a strong love for fashion and design. Always polished to


perfection and has a true sense of self style and knows what works the best for their body type and personality. You love to wear pieces that can be worn many


ways - like this plain black slip skirt paired back with a basic white tee from Assembly Label. A Scorpio truly relies on their tried and true wardrobe staples and if they


love something, they have to have it in a few colours.








A Sagittarius is generous, idealistic, with a great sense of humour, that translates into their style and fashion choices. They love wearing classic and feminine styles


with a touch of colour but still staying true to their individual personality. Classic pieces like denim jeans and gold accessories are key staples to keep in your wardrobe.


We love this trendy and modern print from Auguste that will be able to worn from day to night.