5 ways to add style to your desk!

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#1. Candles


Candles are a quick and easy way to add a little bit of style to your desk, whether you want to burn it or not...
Plus they always add such a nice mood to your desk when lit, with a nice scent or fragrance.
Candles can help you relax, feel calm, energised and help your brain get into a more productive mindset, which is perfect when studying or at work.


Also make sure to keep your empty candles, they make a great pen cup or storage cup!






#2. Plants


Not only do plants look super cute and add style to your desk and workspace, they also have heaps and heaps of great benefits.
It has been found that indoor plants can help your overall health by improving the air quality in your office or desk space,


reduce stress and increase productivity, just to name a few.
If you're looking to add some plant greenery and style to your space, but aren't such a green thumb,


look no further... we've got you! (or you could always go for the false option, there are some super cute fake flowers out there too!)
Here are some cute plants that don't need much TLC; Devil's Ivy, Peace Lily, Chain of hearts, Succulents, Fiddle Leaf,


Chinese Money Plant, Orchid, Aloe ~ or grab some fresh flowers like roses and pop them in a cute vase.





#.3 Stationary


Everyones favourite office/desk must haves, right? Hello Kikki K!!


There's so many great options to spruce up your desk stationary around now, without breaking the bank.
Add style and colour by changing up your necessary pieces such as stapler, sticky tape and hole punch...


opt for a super cute version of these office must haves! Check out some of our faves below.
Don't forget to add a cute and cosy mug for all of your drinks (coffee is a must!) or if you're a tea drinker,


there's just something nice about drinking out of a stylish mug.. plus they look cute sitting on your desk!





#4. Organisation


If your OCD levels need a nice clean workspace but you have lots of books and papers,


make sure to have a good filing system / routine. There are heaps of hacks and ways to keep all of your


important papers together; for eg. keep all of your important things like tax papers, birth certificate, warranties and receipts, in folders that


seperate each category, that way you always know where to look when you need them!


Make sure you have a cute pen cup (or you could use a cute little coffee mug or an empty candle)


to keep your pens organised, it also helps to keep the workspace and desk clean.






#5. Artwork


Artwork is another easy way to add colour, texture and style to your space.


You can hang some art or photographs on the wall or sit the artwork frame up against the wall.


Quotes are another good artwork option to have on your desk, they keep you motivated and inspire you whilst working.


Sometimes it's the little things that add style to your space.