Q&A with Kayla from Tribe Skincare

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Q. 1


Jean Jail: Tell us something that people may not know about you...


Kayla: A lot of people don't know that 'Tribe Skincare Pty Ltd' is actually my second company. The brand has grown so fast and people have been surprised, but I had 3 years business experience through the other company that was super relevant as that was also in the beauty industry. My sister and I co-founded a skin clinic specialising in microdermabrasion and had a 'charcoal-infused' skincare brand that we sold in 2017 just before I started 'Tribe Skincare' on my own. I'm also working on a pet-care brand at the moment as a side project, so it's a completely different industry but requires the same concepts, marketing and skills.


Q. 2


Jean Jail: What inspired you to create your own brand, Tribe Skincare?


Kayla: The beauty industry has become very 'medical' in the last 10 years with people opting for 'doctor-endorsed' and 'active' skincare. This works well for some people's skin, but a lot of women were finding it was sensitising their skin, causing redness and flaking. Over 80% of our clients has sensitive skin and their main concern was facial redness, but there were no skincare lines at the time focusing purely on 'skincare for sensitive skin'. This is why I decided to create an all-natural skincare range focused around anti-inflammatories to reduce facial redness, minimise breakouts and is safe to use for eczema-prone and super sensitive skin.


Q. 3


Jean Jail: Who is your biggest inspiration?


Kayla: Oh gosh, there is a huge list of people. As a beauty-brand founder, I look up to the creators of 'Frank Body' and 'Sand & Sky'. They are both focused on creating genuinely incredible Australian beauty products. Our customers definitely inspire me to work hard every day as they are always happy to share their results and experiences with the rest of the tribe and their 'brand love' makes me feel so positive about the company and where we are taking it.


Q. 4


Jean Jail: What is your favourite quote?


Kayla: "If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting the same results." I love trying new things, change and challenges, so this quote reminds me to step out of my comfort zone and always be improving.


Q. 5


Jean Jail: Where is your favourite place to travel?


Kayla: Another question with so many answers, but I am going to say New Zealand. It's so nice that you can go bush walking and be outdoors in summer without worrying about snakes. But I do also love seeing some more of Australia and anywhere in Asia is always a winner with their beautiful climate and food.


Q. 6


Jean Jail: If you weren't doing skincare, what would you be doing?


Kayla: It's difficult to imagine because I love working in the skincare industry, but probably something with animals or travel. I love creative projects and having the kind of job where every day is different. The pet-care brand I am working on is focused around animals and online business gives me flexibility to travel, so I guess I am already doing something else other than skincare without realising it.


Q. 7


Jean Jail: What advice would you have for budding entrepreneurs?


Kayla: Choose an area/industry that you are extremely passionate about or shape your business around your favourite hobby. You are signing up for a very testing journey (essentially for the first 1-3 years) so your passion and genuine love for what you do is going to keep you moving forward. It's a great idea to start your business as a side hustle so that you are not financially dependant on it. That way, you can build the business and go full-time with it when you feel the business can support you financially. This takes a lot of the stress and pressure off you and makes growing the business more enjoyable.


Q. 8


Jean Jail: What is your advice to create the perfect work/life balance?


Kayla: Set yourself 'office hours' and very clean boundaries. I think of myself like a staff member for Tribe Skincare, rather than the owner. I don't have my work emails on my phone because I don't want my work and life too blurred (although let's be honest, all I do is talk about Tribe Skincare 24/7). It's important to have your own identity aside from your business and that you allow yourself to have a life without feeling guilty that you should be working on your business. Your work will expand and constrict to fit the time and space you give it, so be strict about how many hours you want to give it.


Q. 9


Jean Jail: What is your number one goal for 2019?


Kayla: Our 2019 goal has been to make the brand more sustainable and eco-friendly. We have re-evaluated our process and packaging to reduce waste and use more environmentally friendly options where possible. A lot is happening behind the scenes from us increasing the volume/size of some of the range to reduce packaging to sourcing all ingredients locally to reduce transport. It's a holistic approach that is filtering through all parts of the company and we really feel it's making a big difference.


Q. 10


Jean Jail: When are you the happiest version of yourself?


Kayla: When I relaxing on the couch eating chocolate and watching Netflix or when I am out and about walking with my boyfriend and dog. Happiness definitely comes with balance and there are so many things that make me happy including running 'Tribe Skincare'. It's all about the mindset, allowing yourself to be truly present and enjoying the little things in life.



You can check out Kayla and Tribe Skincare on Instagram / Facebook and shop online at www.tribeskincare.com.au