Our Online Founder, Caseys story...

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Read the story of our online founder below, which was part of the inspiration behind releasing an exclusive pyjama range to support women's health


and Jean Hailes. Jean Jail is proud to support women's health, whilst focusing on exposure, education and spreading awareness.



The Founder of our online store and Co-owner Casey Pearce resonates closely with women's health issues especially relating to infertility.


At the age of 24 Casey had intense pain whilst at a dinner table one night after always having troubles with irregular pain through her teen years.


After an unexpected trip to hospital, tests and her first operation she found that there was a lot more to the pain than expected.


Casey was diagnosed with a borderline ovarian tumour amongst others, which had taken over her whole right ovary and was instantly removed.


She was then rushed to Melbourne to remove more cysts and tumours off the remaining ovary and faced loosing this also along with her fertility.





The amazing surgical team managed to save the ovary and Casey went through multiple rounds of IVF treatment with more recurring


cysts being removed between rounds and multiple surgeries. After gathering a small amount of embryos, Casey gave birth to a little girl,


Harlow Eve after her second round of IVF, which was a miracle. After a failed attempt she lost her remaining ovary, as the risk of many recurring tumours


was too high. With only one embryo left on ice, it was her last chance to have a second child. Happy with one child but longing for two, the last embryo was put


in and was successful. She welcomed to the world her 2nd daughter Zuri Belle! Her story although riddledwith hardship, she wants to bring hope and awareness


to women and is one of the many stories we hope to share during the Women's Health Campaign.