How to set + smash your New Years Resolutions!

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New Year, New you, right?! 2020 is here and it's that time again to think about what you want this year to bring you, what you want to achieve throughout the next


12 months and what goals you have. Sometimes we all have grand plans coming in to the new year with all of the amazing things we would love to do and


achieve, but it can also get overwhelming with where to start and how to actually put plans into action to make 2020 your best year yet. We're going to go over


the best ways to set goals, make plans and how to make them happen.






An easy way to make clear and concise goals, without overwhelming yourself is to seperate your goals into different categories that are important to you this


year. Some main categories you could focus on could be; health and fitness (or you can split that into two seperate categories if you wish), relationship, career,


family, friends, business, finance, environment, daily + routine. You can either have a blank notebook and have a page per category or use the notes section on


your phone so that you always have your goals with you to check in daily. Think about each section of your life that you wish to improve, change, work on etc.


It's also important to pick goals and resolutions in each category that are not only important to you but goals that are reasonable and achievable. Your resolutions


should be clear and specific; for eg. don't just say that you want to exercise more, set a clear intention of how often you would like to work out so that you have


something to measure.






It's important to have a range of goals, including large and small, more achievable goals; for eg. you could have a large goal such as 'purchase a house' and


smaller, daily goals could be something like 'only 1 coffee per day' or 'minimum 20 mins of exercise per day'. Once you have brainstormed lots of ideas into your


categories, finalise them into mantras or sentences for each goal. Goals are more achievable if you have them written down.






You know what they say, failure to plan is preparing to fail. Same goes with New Years resolutions. If you really want to stick to your resolutions and make them


work, it's all about taking the time to prepare and make the best plan that you can; making sure to think about the best ways to make your goals achievable. A


good idea is to read and research as much as you can about the goal you are wanting to implement or change so that you are prepared as best you can be. For


eg. if you are wanting to take up running, make sure you have some running shoes, the correct running equipment, a good playlist and a running program to


follow, if you are wanting to eat healthier, make sure you have a meal plan and fill your pantry with healthy and wholesome foods so that it makes it as easy as


possible to stick to your goal. Try to eliminate the chances of making excuses not to stick to your resolutions.. make it easy for yourself!






If you have goals that require a time frame or have an end date, for eg. train to run a marathon in 6 months, it is good to check in with your goals regularly to see


if you are on track to achieve in the time frame. It is also important to reward yourself throughout the year so that you feel positive about your efforts. Also try not


to be too hard on yourself if you fall off track, just get back up and start again the next day or week - each day brings new opportunities. Also remember that


perseverance is the key to success, the more effort you put in, the more you will succeed. Lastly, remember that goals are just a way of keeping yourself on track,


they are not to make you feel negative about what you are doing... keep positive, share your goals with your family and friends, help each other stick to them,


encourage others, be kind to yourself and be your own cheerleader... you've got this!