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There's definitely two types of people in the world right now, coming in to 2020... You're either an avid TikTok junkee,


or you're still thinking 'the party don't start till I walk in'... #Kesha #circa2010



TikTok is the fastest growing online social platform in the world right now. It's funny, cringey and addictive all at the same time!


On average, people spend 52 minutes a day scrolling the For You page. That's a whole lotta scrolling when you add in


Facebook, Insta, Youtube, Snapchat and Tumblr (wait, is that even still a thing?).


Cheeky plug... FOLLOW US!!! We've joined the TikTok hype and are low key obsessed around the office.


Let us know what you want to see us try or what challenges you want to see from us on the daily.