Meet the Jean Jail Team! 🥰

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We thought it was about time to introduce you guys to some of our wonderful staff members that you may have seen on our


socials or spoke to on the phone or over email.. We have been giving little sneak peeks over on our instagram stories and will keep updating this blog post,


so make sure you check back to meet the next team member :)


Let us know if there is anything you want to know about us or you want to see of behind the scenes...





Kirsty has worked at Jean Jail for about 4 years. She started off in the packing team and is now our superstar reports and data analyst; she edits and uploads all of our


new arrivals across our 3 categories; womens, mens and baby/child! She seriously has a photographic memory and can recite basically any product from our history.


If you also need to know anything and everything about any celebrity gossip, chances are Kirsty will know :)



Who is your celeb crush? Hero Fiennes-Tiffin and Justin Bieber (duh)


What is your fave movie? After <3


What is one thing you always have on your desk? Snacks


Who's music are you loving at the moment? Halsey






Tahls has worked as part of the JJ team for around 5 years, since she finished High School. As the supervisor of our Warehouse Store here in Warrnambool, she takes care


of the store merchandising and looks after our amazing customers in store. Tahlia loves and knows everything there is to know about fashion... basically if you need some


style or outfit advice, Tahls is your girl! She can put any outfits together and make it look ahhhmazing!



Who is your celeb crush? Justin Bieber (obvs)


What is the first concert you ever went to? Justin Bieber


What's your go-to karaoke song? Hard Times - Paramore


What are your top 3 wardrobe must-haves? A good fitting blazer, a casual mini dress and a white sneaker that you can wear with anything.


If you could swap wardrobes with anyone in the world, who would it be? It would have to be Kylie Jenner!






Molly has worked at Jean Jail for around 2 years, is our Customer Service guru, takes care of customer enquiries and returns and also helps out with


reporting/behind the scenes. You have probably spoke to Molly on the phone or if you've ever emailed us here at JJ :)



What are you watching on Netflix at the moment? Peaky Blinders


Fave song at the moment? Charlie - Mall Rat


Who is your celeb crush? Ryan Reynolds (who doesn't love him and Blake)


3 things that you can't live without? Her dog, Odie, strawberries and her phone.







Bronte has worked at JJ for around 2 years.. She's our bright and bubbly retail assistant helping out


our gorgeous customers in store with whatever they need.



Where is your favourite travel destination? It's a hard decision between NYC and Bali.


What are you watching on Netflix right now? Dance Moms


What's your all time fave food? Margherita pizza


Which famous person would you love to be BFFs with? Shan Xo (she's a youtuber / daily vlogger)






Ruby has been apart of the JJ team for just over a year and is part of our killer warehouse team, taking care of stock and all of our lovely customers orders!


3 things you can't live without? Hot chips, laptop, comfy trackies


What are you watching on Netflix right now? Vampire Diaries


Fave travel destination? Western Australia


Last movie you saw at the cinema? I don't go to the movies, but probably Finding Nemo 2






Sarah is also part of our star warehouse and packing team ~ always packing your parcels to perfection. She's obsessed with reality tv,


is the makeup queen and always comes to work looking super cute.


Who is your celeb crush? Channing Tatum


Who's music are you loving at the moment? Lewis Capaldi


Fave makeup brands? NARS, Two Faced and Hourglass


What are you watching on Netflix at the moment? Good Place