Explosive first look at season 18 of KUWTK!

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We've got our first look at the new explosive trailer for season 18 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians...


Can you keep up?!



So many sneak peeks in their 30 second trailer that we need to discuss! I mean, we aren't surprised they're bringing the drama and the heat, after years and years...


Times have changed in terms of their fashion and style, handbag collections, bank balance and dating trees but one thing that hasn't changed is the juicy gossip and


drama that keeps us coming back season after season.




OOOOOHHHHHHHH D R A M A !!! We love it. Firstly, is the tension between Kim and Kourtney finally going to blow up? For good this time? What's going on


with Khloe and Kourtney? And let's talk about the gossip between Kim and Khloe (what is Kim thinking going to dinner with Tristan?).


We're just hoping we get to see more of the kiddie clan and also Scott because he's our OG favourite. Although we're not sure if we'll be seeing much more of Sofia with


Scott, as reports say they've either broken up or she's just no longer wanting to be apart of the show. Either way, we'll miss seeing their cute moments (even though we're


still secretly wishing for a #Scourt reunion.) For those that are wanting to keep up, the series returns Thursday March 26th of E!


Also whilst we're here, let's take a look back at some classic season promos from over the years, there sure is some classic style and family member changes.