Sofia Richie x ROLLA'S at JJ!!

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Hands up if you're also obsessed with Sofia Richie at the moment?! We know we are! She's turned heads in the fashion world of late, working with Osca de la Renta,


Vogue, Moschino, Windsor Smith and the latest that we're excited to welcome to Jean Jail... ROLLA'S!! She's also become a regular on the Kardashian/Jenner scene and


KUWTK after dating Scott Disick for a few years now. She also has stepped up her street style game, nailing that model-off-duty fashion style. After teaming up with


ROLLA'S for their latest casual denim campaign, we are excited to welcome one of our most popular denim styles to Jean Jail.






Okay so if you weren't a fan before, you surely are now?! She's one hell of a babe in the new 'Original Straight - Comfort Sky' jeans. Blue denim is a tried and true wardrobe


staple for years a years; something that you can have in your denim collection and keep coming back to. Pair with a tee and a blazer, a nice shirt, leather jacket, cropped


singlets and oversized coats... basically anything, even throw on your pyjama top and blue jeans will probably make it look acceptable. Get yourself a good pair that fit well


and you'll live in them!