Self isolation guide: Things to do at home! 💞

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There's no doubting that the world is a different place right now, with so much uncertainty and unknowns. It's completely normal to feel a little stressed out and not know


What to do with all of this spare time you find you have now... #isolation. Well, don't worry because we've got some great ideas to keep you busy!



It's time to bust out all of those books you've collected over the years and never read.. Whether you love to read a physical book or even an e-book, it's the perfect time to


find a comfy spot at home, on the couch or in your bed and get some reading done. If you're not into reading books though, there's heaps of other ways to get some


reading in; a magazine, an online blog or relax and read the newspaper.




It's also really important now more than ever to keep as healthy and fit as we can, it's the perfect time to look after yourself and move your body in any way that you can.


(Does moving from the bed to the couch to watch #Netflix count?) There are so many ways that you can get in an online workout from the comfort of your own home or


bedroom... You can sign up for an online app that works as a home gym, you can search thousands of workouts on YouTube or you can even check out your fave fitness


guru's on Instagram.



We are loving Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw's free fitness videos from their Keep It Cleaner Facebook and Instagram page.. It's currently free to follow along


LIVE everyday - just check out their socials for more.. You're not alone!! You could even chat with a friend on facetime and workout together.




Yoga, meditation and journalling are also other amazing ways to fill in your days at home. Not only are they great ways to move your body or mind, they're also great for


your mental health, digestion and overall health. These are the things that we usually put off and never make time for, so now is the time to put yourself first and grab that


empty journal that's been waiting for you, or grab the yoga mat from the back of your cupboard and bust out some downward dog moves.




If you haven't heard of the BLOOM app, created by influencer Chloe Szep, you need to check it out! It is packed with so many


amazing features such as meditations, yoga, exercises and so many things to keep your mind, body and soul connected.



If you're anything like us when we're chilling at home... we've already eaten all of our isolation and quarantine snacks. 🤣 So why not bust out the thermomix and whip up


some cookies, a cake or slice! There are so many amazing recipes and follow along videos on Insta or YouTube that could keep you baking for days. Just make sure you're


stocked up on all of your ingredients (and get some toilet paper whilst you're at the shops).