Trending Netflix Shows This Lockdown

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What have you chosen to Binge Watch this lockdown?



The latest trend to swoop across people's screen is Sexlife. Okay.. now we know that this show has been called controversial. But, who doesn't love a bad boy with an Aussie accent? Sex life is about a suburban house wife Billie, struggling to leave behind the person she was before she married and had children.

It follows Billie's story whilst she tries to find her 'Identity'.

Can she be the suburban house wife with two kids and also be the woman who craves a deeper sexual connection with her romantic partner?

Which Identity will Billie decide on? Will she stay with her husband Cooper or will she choose to leave her 
suburban housewife life behind to find that craving she has been reminiscing about with her Ex Brad?

Virgin River:

The latest season that we have all been waiting for has just dropped on Netflix! If you love a classic love story, Virgin River is your go to! Based on the 'Virgin River' book by Robyn Carr, following the ups and downs of Jack & Mel and stories of the town folk around them. The latest instalment ended with a large plot twist as they sit watching the sunset. We are all wondering will there be a fourth season?!


Outer Banks:

If you haven't already binge watched the first season then you NEED to ASAP!
We are so excited for the newest season to come out in just a few weeks time! A coastal town along the Outer banks of North Carolina which has a clear social divide between the community of the wealthy and the working class locals. The groups refer to themselves as the Kooks and the Pogues. John B and his friends are a part of the Pogues community and are on a mission to find out what really happened to John B's father. Long story short they end up discovering a legendary treasure.. GOLD!! 

Sweetheart Pogue John B, falls in love with a Kook Girl Sarah Cameron and their love story has many twists and turns. In the end their relationship conquers all and they leave together in search of finding the gold together!

The first season ended on a cliff hanger and we have been patiently waiting since April last year for the second instalment! Hopefully all of our questions are answered VERY SOON...



If you haven't already heard about Atypical on Netflix then listen up because you NEED to! Atypical is the perfect American comedy drama about the life of Sam Gardener who is 18 years old and is on the Autistic Spectrum. 

Sam decided that he wants to get a girlfriend and bids to have more independence puts his family through a path of self discovery!

It currently has 4 seasons and fans are begging to know whether there will be a 5th! Even though it is believed to be confirmed that the 4th season was it's final.




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